The Bishop and the Warlord

The Bishop and the Warlord are actually a rock duo from a cult-classic British sketch comedy show. The title of this blog is an homage to the same. Given this, the authors of the contents herein are enthralled, inspired, enraptured, legitimized, validated, inflated, and captivated by music and all activities, entities, musings, and emanations therewith. If you’re still reading this description, then the haphazard scribblings contained, encapsulated, and preserved within this proverbial little turnout on the information superhighway are for you. The authors of this blog welcome you. Enjoy and have a pleasant stay.

A few housekeeping items: Please remember to chew your food thoroughly, do not drink and drive, please do not read this blog while driving, and, finally, please do not engage in any activities or appearance(s) of activity that may be against the law or considered abhorrent and/or indecent in your country, county, territory, province, state, city, city-state, prefecture, oblast, fiefdom, hold, bailiwick or any other tract of land in which you may reside, dwell, squat, or occupy.


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