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Nicki Minaj and other stories

In a previous post if you can be BOTHERED to remember, you’ll recall that I said I liked Nicki Minaj because she was a rapper. Well, then something called “Anaconda” came out and I realized that she is now just a prepackaged product to be sold and consumed by an intellectually devoid mass audience. Don’t get me wrong, as a red-blooded male and a fellow who has always enjoyed and appreciated ladies of African descent, I quite enjoyed the Anaconda video, I just had to watch it with the mute button engaged.

It is not really Nicki Minaj’s fault. She probably has some mincing, greedy manager forcing her into a certain direction and probably doesn’t care about her image because what she’s doing is keeping her in Ferragamo heels and Michael Kors bags.

The most pathetic display to come out of this, however, is that cheap imitation that Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea did of the Anaconda video. Jennifer Lopez, whose music career is on life support let’s be honest, and Iggy Azalea, who is basically a clone of Nicki Minaj with the only difference being the obvious pigment discrepancy, decided to put their, ahem, “heads” together and collaborate. Now, Jennifer Lopez is pathetic enough on that ridiculous American Idol show which is harder to finish off than Jason Voorhees, with her pseudo-intellectual comments, allowed herself to have Iggy hitch her name to her wagon and try and ride on Nicki Minaj’s (ample) coattails.

Again, who am I? I’m just an overweight dork sitting behind a keyboard typing about it. But I do know a thing or two about music, and I know a cheap knock-off when I see one.