Monthly Archives: June 2014

Don’t Call it a Comeback. . .

I’ve been gone for a while as you may recall (or perhaps you didn’t even notice.)  Anyway, now that the summer is upon us, I should be posting more regularly.  For my reading several, I’m sorry if you’ve been rushing to your keyboards and/or inboxes checking for an update and a morsel of my voice just to get you through the day only to find that I have been as barren and empty as the inside of a Miley Cyrus fan’s skull.

To whet your appetite, here are my thoughts on a few of the songs that have either come out since the time I last posted or existing artists/songs that I have begun listening to during that block of time.  Enjoy.

“La La La”-Naughty Boy-When I first heard this song, I was shocked at how I didn’t find it irritating.  Sure the mixing is sloppy with the audio sampling in the intro and but the lyrics are actually pretty deep.  I am definitely intrigued and hope that Naughty Boy becomes more than a one-hit wonder.

Rob Zombie-I’m not really sure why I had never listened to Rob Zombie before but I am glad that I have decided to give him a try.  He’s a little bit more electronic than I prefer in heavy metal but his raw, untamed, unapologetic sound is just what the doctor ordered after an aggravating day.  In fact, I have his movie “House of 1000 Corpses” on in the background as I type this.

Cee-Lo Green-When he stops doing that stupid crap he does on that ridiculous show and just showcases his natural ability, he treats listeners to one of the most unique, God-given voice talents around.

“I’m So Fancy”-Iggy Azalea-This song was annoying at first but began to grow on me.  Now I actually look forward to hearing it on the radio.  I suppose it’s because I’m a sucker for female rappers.  See this previous post for further details.

I hope that is enough to tide you over.  You’ll be seeing my ugly kisser again soon enough.  For now, you may go.