Stone Temple Pilots-“Creep”-1993

I was going to wax on about this loony claiming to be Michael Jackson’s son and then (with a straight face) claiming that he’s not doing it because he needs money.  Who cares?  You know his album is about to drop and he’s drumming up publicity.

Anyway, the above captioned piece has been stuck in my head for the last few days.  I’m not sure why.  For me, this song was what Stone Temple Pilots were all about.  It was a good old fashioned bona fide grunge piece.  I know that people think about “Plush” or “Big Empty” or “Wicked Garden” when they think about STP but this is always the piece that sums up the band for me.

I will grant that “Creep” is not exactly esoteric, but it certainly is not one of the more widely known pieces either.  What I like best about the song is that it is indicative of the grunge era but it also holds up with passing time.  This is something that a lot of grunge bands cannot say about their work.  I also think it is gutsy that STP named their song after a Radiohead tune of the same name that had been released about a year prior.

Scott Weiland sadly is another drug-related casualty of the grunge era as well and I think that some of the song’s lyrics are eerily prophetic with respect to this.  I know that Scott Weiland is still physically alive, but STP were not the same after his stint with drugs and, as far as the music is concerned, it was just missing something.  Nevertheless, “Creep” is certainly one of my favorites, not just of this era, but all-time.


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