Motley Crue Retires-What They’re Retiring from Remains Unclear/Also Prince Lawsuit and Justin Imbiber

So, the (dozens) fans who still listen to Motley Crue must be devastated today as news of the retirement of their favorite musicians hit the first page of Variety. No?  Ok, the second page?  Not there either? Hmm…

I’m not sure, but I think that to retire you have to actually be doing something.  What the hell has Motley Crue been doing? Well, besides selling out by recording “Girls, Girls, Girls.”

Prince is suing a bunch of fans for posting footage of his concerts and music on Facebook.  Gee, looks like that whole tort reform thing is going great.

Apparently, there is a petition to deport the male version of Lindsay Lohan you might recognize as Justin Bieber.  I have no opinion on the petition itself. Free citizens of the United States can choose to exercise their right to sign or ignore it altogether. I have no opinion on it. I do hope that Justin Bieber doesn’t get a free pass on this.  I don’t hope for anything excessive, but I don’t want him to get a pass because of his fame. Michael Vick didn’t skate, Justin Bieber shouldn’t either, in my opinion.

The street racing thing is worse than the drinking and I think Bieber should get a stiff but reasonable penalty from that at least, if for no other reason than he could become a poster boy for the consequences that street racing should carry since street racing endangers innocent lives.

On a related note, is it ironic to anyone else that “beber” in Spanish means “drink”?  Seems like an interesting pun.


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