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Christmas 2013-Song Choice

Gotta go with the barking dogs singing “Jingle Bells.”

Happy Christmas.


Post-Mortem “The Sound of Music”

If you’ve been waiting for my reaction to the Carrie Underwood version of “The Sound of Music”  please forgive my tardiness.  I know this is late but, to paraphrase Cher, I can’t turn back time.  Now, to business.

I know that I will probably draw a lot of fire from the purists and blue hairs out their for saying this, but those people don’t/can’t read blogs anyway so I think I’m safe when I say that Carrie Underwood outdid Julie Andrews.  There. . .it’s out there, I said it.

I will capitulate that Carrie Underwood meeting with an acting coach couldn’t hurt but, inasmuch as she was acting in a production where the music should have been the star, she certainly ensured that was the case.  Her voice talent singing those classic songs was and is unparalleled.  With all due respect to Julie Andrews, she got served. Carrie Underwood’s performance reminded me of that scene in the movie “Drumline” wherein the rival band drummer starts to play on his opponent’s drums. End of story.

Perhaps I’m biased since I love Carrie Underwood so much.  Yeah, you’re right.  But the same is true of people who argue so vehemently about Julie Andrews being the greatest and that her performance was beyond reproach and then begin spewing vitriol at Carrie Underwood for reprising the role.  Those people get so angry because they feared that what happened was going to happen.  They were afraid Carrie Underwood would outperform Julie Andrews.

Indeed, I think that Carrie Underwood was even suppressing the power of her voice for the performance.  We know the power that her voice has and we have all heard it.  She could have easily blown those poor kids off the stage but that was not what it was about.  That is why she beat out Julie Andrews.  She beat out Julie Andrews because, in the original, Julie Andrews was singing her heart out while Carrie wasn’t going at full power and she still accomplished the same thing.  That’s talent, that’s greatness.

Finally, Carrie Underwood was doing it LIVE.  That’s right, she didn’t have the benefit of multiple takes.

The ensemble was also amazing.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the woman who played The Mother Abbess and her singing voice.  One could tell that she had Ella Fitzgerald range.  She has one hell of a set of lungs on her.