Carrie vs. Katy or Talent vs. Marketability

I cannot stand Katy Perry.  I really can’t.  Her weird, artificial, cartoonish voice that sounds like some electronic Cher impression is off-putting and that “Hear Me Roar” song she does is the worst piece of shit I have ever heard.  Wait, no.  The worst piece of shit I have ever heard is Bob Dylan’s song, um, actually anything by Bob Dylan can be described in such a way.

Recalling the aforementioned Katy Perry song, it is popular because it catchy.  It gets stuck in people’s heads.  It has an easy tune and the lyrics are easily retained by even those with the most limited cognitive capabilities (which, I’m pretty sure covers most of Katy Perry’s hardcore fans) can retain.  Congratulations, Katy; your songs are popular in the same way commercial jingles are popular.   Not because they’re musically or artistically special-because they’re catchy.  You know, gonorrhea and the flu are catchy as well, but I’d prefer to avoid those things as well.

Enter Carrie Underwood.  One of the most flawless natural talents I have ever heard.  I hated American Idol but, for some reason, I tuned in to it during the Summer of 2004 out of sheer chance.  I am a huge believer in fate and destiny and, I do not think it is a coincidence that I was able to see Carrie Underwood on American Idol on an evening when I would normally have been working.  I was hooked then and have been ever since.

Therefore, I challenge anyone listen to that horrible Katy Perry song “Hear Me Roar” and then listen to Carrie Underwood’s “Good Girl”.  I’m not even going to build it up.  Just listen as Carrie strains her voice to hit notes that Katy could only dream of hitting without electronic intervention.  The songs will speak for themselves and you will see what real talent is and that Carrie Underwood is something special whom people will be talking about in 50 years whereas Katy Perry will have long since faded into obscurity.

Next: Norah Jones!


One response to “Carrie vs. Katy or Talent vs. Marketability

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for the introduction to “Good Girl”! I love it, along with a couple more songs on the album.
    For another sample of Katy Perry’s heavily autotuned voice, have you listened to “If We Ever Meet Again” (with Timbaland). Jeez….

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