Pink’s Daughter on the BMX Trail

It’s no secret that I think that Pink (nee Alecia Moore) is one talented woman.  Therefore, perhaps you’ll think that I am biased when I defend Pink.  Perhaps you’ll disgustedly throw down your laptop never to open it again. I make no apologies.  Your reactions are your own.  I personally think that Pink deserves a person to stand up and say something.  Does she need me to fight her battles?  Of course not.  But I would be remiss if I didn’t speak up for an artist I care about.

So Pink’s husband (a former PROFESSIONAL BMX RIDER) put their two-year-old on a bike.  So the hell what?  This is now what deserves criticism?  This is what draws your ire?  Do you know how many people in the South probably put guns in the hands of their toddlers?  Way too many.

I say, at least Pink and her husband and child were having a family moment.  Children who come from affluent backgrounds are too often raised by nannies, mannies or (God help us) “family  assistants”. (You know my feelings on that)  Moreover, who better to teach their daughter about bikes than a former PROFESSIONAL BMX RIDER?!  Do you know how many intellectually deficient fathers are out there trotting their little, undersized, sons out onto the football field having never set foot in a full-contact football game in the hopes of capturing some half-cocked dream of athletic glory they failed to attain during their squalid and meaningless youth? Again, way too many.  But no one gets pissed off about that.  The only reason anyone is getting pissy is due to the fact that one of Pink’s twitter followers wants to break out of the dull, pathetic, pointless existence that they plod along daily in, mired in a morass of anonymity, by coming up with some snarky comment that gets retweeted.  Such is the culture of America, these days.

One more thing before I release you on your own recognizance; if you really want to pick on a singer, why does it have to be Pink?  Why does it have to be one of the few singers who are really talented?  Exercise your right to free speech and use your pseudo-intellectual tweets to assail a celebrity who, in my opinion, deserves it like a Miley Cyrus or a Katy Perry or a  Jay-Z.

To paraphrase the artist in question, anyone who has a problem with Pink can blow me. . .one last kiss, that is.


One response to “Pink’s Daughter on the BMX Trail

  • Elizabeth

    LOL. I love reading your rants – something will always make me laugh!

    Eh, Pink does whatever she wants and that’s what many people like about her. And if she wants her child to ride a goddamn bike, the girl will ride a goddamn bike. It’s fascinating that people will dissect and tear apart something as trivial as that.

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