Melissa Etheridge-“I’m the Only One”-1993

When I hear this song, I am reminded of the old adage: “Often imitated, never duplicated.”  Many people have covered this song but, as far as I’m concerned, all who have covered it have failed to capture the essence of it.  It is one thing to emulate the lyrics of the song, but it is quite another to sing with the passion and the pain that Melissa Etheridge and her trademark raspy voice sings with.

If I had to pick a soundtrack for 1993, I would definitely choose this song to be on the track list.  I can remember this song all over the radio that year and it is something I associate most with the times back then.

This piece is from the album of the same year “Yes I Am” (No doubt answering people who were asking if Melissa Etheridge is a Lesbian.)  Some might argue that “Come to my Window” was the best piece on this album.  I would submit that “Yes I Am” (the song) is the best song of the album and that “Come to my Window” was the catchy one.  However, if you’re asking me to pick the best Melissa Etheridge song, “I’m the Only One” wins heartily since it is a showcase of the artist’s ability to bare her should to her listeners instead of writing a song that she thinks will sell.

Many of the songs on “Yes I Am” (album) are constructed in much the same way as “I’m the Only One”  and, for this reason, I regard this album as Etheridge’s magnum opus.


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