Commentary: “Metallica: Through the Never”

I have just returned from the movies and I am now forced to piece together my mind which has recently been blown apart by the spectacular showmanship of my favorite band, Metallica.

Having just taken in their new concert/movie hybrid “Through the Never” I was transported back in time to my teens when my love for Metallica really evolved into an inferno. Through my late teens I ate, slept, and breathed Metallica.  My horizons expanded into adulthood and, while I never forgot them, I didn’t listen to them as much as I used to.  I will also admit that the 2003 release of “St. Anger” really left a sour taste in my mouth and I was disillusioned with the band for a while.

At the movies, I felt like I was sixteen again seeing my heroes play all of my favorite songs and, in IMAX 3D, the experience was almost as visceral as actually being in the concert with them.  I felt their music coursing through me.  The heavy guitars, the harsh lyrics, Lars going crazy on the drums, everything that made me fall in love with Metallica in the first place was rekindled whilst watching “Through the Never.”

I do not say much about Metallica on here, nor am I going to sit here and profess my love for them.  I know that I love them, you know (or should know) that I love them, let’s leave it at that.  A band like Metallica is beyond reproach and does not need some overfed, smug, man-child type pontificating about how much he loves them at 1 in the morning while swilling coffee and wearing his wife’s sweatpants.  Of course they are a great band.  But saying you love Metallica is like saying you love chocolate.  I.E. everyone loves chocolate and people who don’t are just weird.

It is also important for me to say how much I love Robert Trujillo.  Cliff Burton was before my time and I was always accustomed to Jason Newsted as Metallica’s bass player.  When he left, I was very surprised.  However, seeing Robert Trujillo in “Through the Never” gave me a newfound respect for him.  Don’t get it twisted-I have always liked him and loved his work as part of Metallica, but he was always just that-PART of Metallica.  Indeed, I am now of the opinion that he is not just part of the band, the band is part of him.

The cinema portion of the movie was really like having Metallica album art come to life.  It has a very open-ended story and I won’t say any more to avoid spoilers.  Just go see it.  It is an absolute must for any Metallica fan, music fan, movie fan, or anyone who likes things that don’t suck.


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