Amy Lee-Time for a Change

When I first heard Evanescence, I really enjoyed their music. I discovered them right around the time that Linkin Park released their first album. I was enthralled by both of these bands. Linkin Park with their two vocalists and Evanescence with Amy Lee’s haunting vocals. However, it seems that the shine is off the proverbial apple for both bands. Sadly, the novelty of those bands wore off for me about four years ago.

But what of Amy Lee? She is far too talented not to be doing something. Quite frankly, Evanescence is a garden variety metal band without her. Given the fact that the novelty of someone with her voice doing metal, it’s time for Amy Lee to take the musical world by the tail. She could figuratively wipe the floor with Adele, Christina Aguilera and, (God Help Us) Katy Perry. Unlike Katy Perry, Amy Lee has real talent.

With the garbage that Katy Perry has been churning out lately, Amy Lee certainly couldn’t do any worse.


One response to “Amy Lee-Time for a Change

  • Elizabeth

    Speaking of Katy Perry….I am annoyed that John Mayer did a duet with his current squeeze on his newest album. I felt like he soiled a perfectly lovely song – Who You Love – by having Katy Perry giggle stupidly at the last note. I’m all for her doing her bubblegum schtick in her music, but good God….it irritates me that JM gave her a chance to ruin his music for me.

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