Open Letter to Katy Perry

To Katy Perry:

For years we have been aurally assaulted by your odd sounding, electronically manufactured, music-like sound product that emanates from you with the help of probably a dozen or so people with MacBooks. However, your latest song “Roar” is really the last straw.

Forget for a moment that you cannot even create an original song seeing as you stole the “Eye of the Tiger” part of the song from Survivor and the rest of the song is an obvious ripoff of Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman”, the chorus part of the song which you would like people to believe is really your voice is an insult to singers everywhere who can really hit those notes that you can only dream of hitting without the aid of auto tune.

Katy Perry, in my opinion, you are talentless, vapid, and a waste of time. Your music-like sound product should, in my opinion, not be listened to by anyone. Please get voice lessons and do it the right way-that is, unless you’re not content being the hack that you appear to be.

This is not a dig at Katy Perry the person. I’m sure you’re pleasant enough to be around. I’ve never heard or read anything negative about you as a person. The preceding was only in reference to your music-like sound product.



One response to “Open Letter to Katy Perry

  • Elizabeth

    Someone mentioned that “Roar” is similar to Sara Bareilles’ “Brave”….
    ….and it eerily is. And Katy Perry has probably sold more of that autotuned song than Sara Bareilles did with “Brave”. Sad.

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