The Four Seasons-“Big Girls Don’t Cry”-1962

Before a song of the same name was ruthlessly ravaged and distorted into a perverse excuse for music by the beastly she-male you might recognize as Fergie, the original “Big Girls Don’t Cry” was and is a priceless piece of Americana.

One of the best parts of this song is the word play. Indeed, this is really the beginnings of today’s rap and hip-hop. The doo-wop bands such as this really provided so much in terms of providing springboards for various other genres.

“Maybe I was cruuuuu-uuuu-eeelllll.”

While seemingly innocuous, recall that use of words like “hell” and “damn” as well as seeing a man and a woman in the same bed together would have shocked a 1962 audience into a nervous breakdown. Therefore, the lyric is officially “I was cruel” But it is run together and sounds much like “I was screwed”. Inasmuch as he’s talking about a woman giving him the quintessential run-around, “I was screwed” seems plausible but, again, remember that a lyric such as that may very well have caused some people to burst into flames in 1962.

Therefore, the use of such obfuscation became necessary.

Moreover, Frankie Valli and his falsetto tone are really the bread and butter in this song. The drum fills are also the unsung hero in this piece as well.

If you want to hear a decent reproduction of this song, I really recommend the musical “Jersey Boys.” Of course, I advocate listening to the original because I’m a purist.

If you prefer the Fergie song “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, leave this blog and never come back.


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