Dion & The Belmonts-“I Wonder Why”-1958

I don’t usually do theme weeks but, as I have been on a doo-wop kick lately, let this post serve as a launch for my manifested zeal of the same.

When you ask the average scenester to rattle off names of their favorite boy bands, you’ll hear names such as N’Sync, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, etc. If they are only partial poseurs, you might hear Boyz II Men, New Kids on the Block, or possibly (God help us) Color Me Badd.

However, the above captioned piece was the first hit by arguably one of the most influential boy bands of all time. Indeed, Dion & The Belmonts were singing about love and relationships when the parents of the groups previously mentioned were not even born and their grandfathers were likely striking out with the woman who would later become their grandmother in the back seat of a Plymouth Valiant.

Pieces like “I Wonder Why” were really special because, while they certainly embody the pinnacle of musical achievement of the 50s, but also show flashes of changing musical trends that were about the usher in the 60s. Further, in the musical evolution chart, bands like Dion & The Belmonts were really starting to diverge from acts like that fella who was beginning to set fire to a lot of asses in the 50s oh, what was his name. . .oh yes-ELVIS AARON PRESLEY.

As for “I Wonder Why” it is definitely one of those songs that I think would personify a genre and should be counted among the history of boy bands. When I listen to this song, I imagine malt shops and bobby soxers. Chevy Bel-Airs and whitewall tires. This song is timeless and a very important musical artifact.


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