I have always been fascinated by the huge continent of Africa. So many countries, all teeming with their own customs, languages, cultures, histories. This song really seems to capture how I feel about Africa, the continent, as well as the extremely diverse regional and local cultures. For the record, if you’re unfamiliar, Africa is NOT a country-It is made up of 51 nations all with their own cultures. I hope that dispels any stereotypes.

With regard to the song, I discovered it about 14 years after it came out. I was enthralled by the synth and the electronic flavor that created the song. I almost felt as if I was walking across the Serengeti Plain or staring up with reverence at Mt. Kilimanjaro loomed reassuringly off in the distance like a kindly old grandfather whom you regard with love, admiration, and a slight amount of healthy fear.

“Africa” is still a song that I enjoy to this day. It is one of those rare songs that has always appealed to me and probably always will.


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