Sublime: Unsung Heroes

It was the Summer of 1996. I was about to start the 7th grade and MTV was mandatory viewing. A song called “What I Got” was played quite often among the music videos (Yes, MTV did actually play music videos once upon a time) and I was intrigued by the band that I had not seen before called “Sublime”.

Their music was not quite rock, not quite rap, not quite reggae but seemingly a mixture of all three. It had more of a mellow sound that told a story and talked about the joys of being idle and how being something of a slug was something to be revered.

Sadly, I was late to the proverbial party as far as Sublime was concerned. Given my age, I discovered them mere months before Brad Nowell died. On top of that, the band was never the same after his death and the posthumous releases and tours were an almost desperate attempt at reclaiming what they once had.

Nevertheless, Sublime was really a band that was responsible for a lot of change in the music scene and, in my opinion, they were one of the last bands to actually come out with something original, fresh, and different. Given this, a piece of musical integrity seems to have died with Brad Nowell.


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