Metallica “Through the Never” Movie: The Future of Music?

Silence your jeers and taunts. This will NOT be a criticism. I love Metallica. Always have, always will. I have all their albums (yes, even St. Anger) and I have already had my tickets to the movie for a month with a month to go before the release date.

I remember when I saw Metallica in concert, I ended up watching them on the large video screen and feeling like I was trying to watch a televised show being forced to look through a hybrid fog of smoke (legal and otherwise) wayward hair, and the body odor which occurs at shows especially among metalheads whose hygiene is frequently described as questionable, at best instead of being there live.

I have to admit that I am very excited about the Through the Never movie. It will be cool to see what I would be essentially seeing at a Metallica concert only in the comfort of a climate controlled movie theater with soda, popcorn, and nachos in hand and my (ample) backside cradled in the foam of a reclining movie seat.

I really think that entertainers are going to be following this model because I’m sure that people think like I do. As far as I’m concerned, this is better than a live show. I only hope that the live concert model becomes outmoded. I personally don’t see what’s so great about it.


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