Soulja Boy Killed Rap Music

Well, let’s be honest; Rap was already on life support but Soulja Boy plunged the final dagger in when this horrible incident occurred on the Ellen show (which in and of itself is a horrible incident every episode) See below:

Yep. . .that happened, and we all let it happen.

However, this opinion of mine is not exactly unique. Indeed, veteran, iconic rapper Ice-T also feels the same by even telling Soulja Boy that his music sucked and that he can “Eat a dick.”  It’s one thing to listen to some blogger typing naked in a recliner, it’s quite another when credence is lent to that blogger’s opinion by a rap icon like Ice-T.

How can anyone be taken seriously as a rapper by going on a show like Ellen and teaching pampered soccer moms how to do a hip hop dance? They can’t. You’d have NEVER seen Ice Cube or Tupac on Ellen during their heyday. Those days are long gone. It’s gotten to the point where I’m desensitized to the autotune stuff. I don’t even really care. Whatever. It’s about marketing. But when something you do is responsible for committing the extinction of a genre, that’s the kind of thing that drives good people away from music.


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