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A Break from the Music-People Who Post “Family Assistant” Jobs on Craigslist Really Piss Me Off

While the election of President Obama almost 5 years ago made me proud to be an American once again, seeing “Family Assistant” job postings are one of the things that make me embarrassed to be American because it is such an “Ugly American” thing to do.

How arrogant is someone to assume that their family is above the families of others and requires an assistant? How dare you assume that the day-to-day chores that every family does are somehow more important than those same chores that occur in the homes of others?

I’m guessing that the people who post these are snide, upper-middle class White people who are so clueless as to the fact that they’re rotting in hell and they haven’t got the first clue. If you’re spread so thin that you can’t even take care of your children properly, shame on you. Do you know how many people out there would love to have a “family assistant” but still manage to take care of what they need to take care of without one? So, by hiring a “family assistant” you are saying that, instead of giving your commitments the attention they crave and deserve, you’ll just throw money at them and make them someone else’s problem.  Again, typical American attitude.

Don’t even get me started on how many of those ads require fluency in English either. The way that requirement is included is usually dripping with racist undertones. So, it’s not enough that they can’t even take care of their family themselves, now they want to deny an opportunity to a hard-working person from Latin America or Eastern Europe. (I realize nannies can come from anywhere but the nannies I have seen have all been from the parts of the world I mentioned.)

The most infuriating part of this is that the people who post “family assistant” jobs are probably the same people who will criticize a young Black woman for having children and being on welfare. “If you can’t take care of your kids, don’t have them.” They’ll say to their country club chums while sipping Johnnie Walker Blue Label and having a laugh at the expense of the poor Hispanic waiter.

The joke’s on you, my friends. The young Black woman  you so ruthlessly mock has you defeated. She’s put her pride aside and is only receiving welfare because she works 12 hour days and still manages to get her kids to school clean and fed.

And all without a “family assistant.”


I Don’t Get Reba McEntire

I have stopped trying with Reba McEntire.

I don’t get her or her music. Wow some guy left her and she has no money. Who gives a shit? We get it, ok?

She’s annoying and looks like a mouse in my opinion.

2013 VMA Post-Mortem

Everyone is talking about Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMA show and how she embarrassed herself. I personally don’t care. She’s trying to get away from the cutesy Hannah Montana image. I get it. To quote Chris Rock, “I don’t approve, but I understand.”

The real story for me was Justin Timberlake and how amazing his voice sounded. Emphasis on HIS voice. There was no artificial crap there. No electronic help. The N’Sync performance was great as well and it is probably setting the groundwork for a reunion tour either this year or the next year. Come on. I should know how it works by now. The Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees did a reunion tour, now it’s N’Sync’s turn.  (By the way, since BSB and 98 degrees toured with Boyz II Men, is it too much to hope that N’Sync would tour with Blackstreet? I’ve been hoping for another Blackstreet tour for a while.)

I really was not expecting much from the VMAs as much as I have watched them in the past and been underwhelmed and disgusted by what I have seen. However, last night, watching Justin Timberlake belt out his songs, live and without any electronic advantage was a special treat. I couldn’t have been considered a Justin Timberlake fan in the past, I may have even criticized him (I could look back but I don’t feel like sifting through my archives) but, as of last night, color me a Justin Timberlake fan.

The rest of the VMA performances you ask?  Well, I found them essentially unremarkable.  Par for the course given the state of music today.

Open Letter to Katy Perry

To Katy Perry:

For years we have been aurally assaulted by your odd sounding, electronically manufactured, music-like sound product that emanates from you with the help of probably a dozen or so people with MacBooks. However, your latest song “Roar” is really the last straw.

Forget for a moment that you cannot even create an original song seeing as you stole the “Eye of the Tiger” part of the song from Survivor and the rest of the song is an obvious ripoff of Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman”, the chorus part of the song which you would like people to believe is really your voice is an insult to singers everywhere who can really hit those notes that you can only dream of hitting without the aid of auto tune.

Katy Perry, in my opinion, you are talentless, vapid, and a waste of time. Your music-like sound product should, in my opinion, not be listened to by anyone. Please get voice lessons and do it the right way-that is, unless you’re not content being the hack that you appear to be.

This is not a dig at Katy Perry the person. I’m sure you’re pleasant enough to be around. I’ve never heard or read anything negative about you as a person. The preceding was only in reference to your music-like sound product.


Eartha Kitt-More than Just a Pretty Face/Voice

Probably one of the most underrated female entertainers of all time, Eartha Kitt was truly one of a kind. I still get tingling, intoxicating shivers down my spine when I think of her doing that “RRRRRRrrrRRRaaaaWWWWrrrrRR” she used to do in the old Batman. And when I think of her doing “Someone to Watch Over Me” I just melt away. I could listen to her all day long. Why, if she was still with us, I think she could have read an instruction manual on how to assemble a table from Ikea and made it sound sexy.

However, Eartha Kitt was a staunch supporter of Gay Rights. This has been a hot-button issue in America and I think that Eartha Kitt deserves credit for supporting Gay Marriage before it was popular and hip to do so.

Given this, her intoxicating personality, hypnotic voice, and overall lovely energy make her an icon. The fact that she was a social innovator just adds to her legend.

Extra! Extra! New Adele Album Cover!

Looks like she’s doing another self-portrait for the new album

Lighten up-it’s just a joke.

The Penguins-“Earth Angel”-1954

Sure we all remember this song from the prom scene in “Back to the Future” but this is really one of the classic songs of the doo-wop era.

Wikipedia reports that this article is sort of musical particle board given the fact that it is a melange of several elements and artists. Irrespective of this, the song itself is worth more than the sum of its parts and even though this song caused some strife, it still is worthy of being one of the best doo-wop creations of its time.

Given the success of this song, it seems that The Penguins faded into relative obscurity. Perhaps overshadowed by other bands or perhaps they never were able to recapture the magic they had in this piece.

One should always be grateful to them for bestowing “Earth Angel” on us, however.