Nate Ruess-I Hate the Way Your Voice Sounds

What do you get when you mix a singer with some of the best raw, natural, God-given, talent since Mariah Carey (someone like Pink) and smoosh her together in the same song as a guy whose singing voice sounds like a hyena with its testicles being pinched in a c-clamp? (I’m referring to Nate Ruess) You get a song called “Just Give Me a Reason.”

Pink is just so talented. How could she have allowed herself to be on the same piece as someone like Nate Ruess whose talent is questionable and obviously light years behind hers?

Nate Ruess’s band “fun.” Is anything but. Indeed, the high-pitched, whiny, caterwauling is really the antithesis of what I think music should be. Nate Ruess’s voice sounds worse than the time I accidentally stepped on my dog’s tail just as he was leaping for a ball and he yelped a cry that is tattooed on my psyche (I still feel guilty about that-I love dogs and I especially loved THAT dog)

I know that the scenesters out there who think they’re “nerdy” just because they can identify the Superman logo and watch “The Big Bang Theory” will probably defend Fun tooth and nail. Well I got news for you, you little putzes, Weezer did the whole geek/emo/alternative thing already. Your act is not new. On top of that, don’t give me that flippant shit about how you won a Grammy for Best New Artist this year either. Don’t forget: it wasn’t so long ago that Sheena Easton beat out Luther Vandross for the same award. Based on that alone, the credibility of Grammys at large has been damaged beyond repair.

14 responses to “Nate Ruess-I Hate the Way Your Voice Sounds

  • Elizabeth

    I’m so glad you wrote about this!!! There’s a reason why this song doesn’t receive much play time (if any!) in my player over other Pink tracks.
    I don’t mind the guy in Fun.’s “Some Nights”, but in this supposedly-ballad duet, he makes me think of a whiny cat with its nails on a chalkboard. WTH was Pink thinking?! Justin Timberlake would have probably given it a better go.

  • bishopandwarlord

    I agree about JT but Nate Ruess probably got it because he’d do it for a fraction of the money JT would have commanded.

  • Sandy

    Are you on drugs??? Nate Ruess is amazing! He sings with such a raw emotion that can not be matched by anyone else out there today. I have never seen anyone put such feeling into a song as Nate Ruess.

    • bishopandwarlord

      No I am not on drugs. Thanks for asking. I do wonder if you have been enjoying some kind of banned substance by the nature of your comment. If you have never seen anyone put such feeling into a song as Nate Ruess, you have revealed that your knowledge of music is woefully limited. Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, James Hetfield, Joey Ramone, Ella Fitzgerald (among others.) Are you seriously suggesting that whiny little nothing Nate Ruess belongs in the conversation with any of those names? If that is what you’re saying, you have no credibility.

  • Sandy

    It’s not just the voice that sells. Look at the late great Johnny Cash. He could not carry a tune in a basket but he was amazing because of his performances and what he stood for.

  • Debralee

    bishopandwarlord…If you feel you have to defend your opinion by insulting “nerds” and calling names…then you DON’T “Know Way Too Much About Music”. If you really did you would have ended your blog with your knowledge instead of dissing those that will “Defend ‘FUN’ tooth and nail”. Opinions are only worth listening to when they are based on fact and information…not insult! Yours fall on deaf ears!

    • bishopandwarlord

      Let me get this straight: you’re criticizing me because you claim that my opinions are baseless. Yet, YOUR criticism that I don’t know about music is baseless and, indeed, comical in its ignorance. I’ve forgotten more about bands like The Beau Brummels, Thompson Twins, and Dion and the Belmonts, (I could go on) than most people know about their own families. Ironic that you’re judging my curriculum vitae of musical knowledge based on one post. Indeed, you are now making a judgement about me without any facts or information. Thanks for adding to my readership. The thousands of hits my page receives also disproves your assertion that my opinion falls on deaf ears. Consider taking an English class as well. By the sophomoric structure and syntax of your comment, I’m not convinced English is your first language.

  • Vilma

    JT does not have the range. Regardless of opinions about timbre, Ruess is the only male pop singer able to hit these notes accurately without falsetto. And none of you know anything about music unless you can identify the subject and answer of a fugue…

  • Miguel

    I totally agree with you !!! Pink´s voice is so amazing that the song would be much better if played alone by herself.

  • Bill

    I hate that little cocksucker too. Lousy singer.

  • C

    Just because Ruess can belt out high notes, without using his falsetto, doesn’t mean the sound is pleasing to the ears. I found myself waking up this morning to a “phenomenal” live performance by him on KIISFM. I couldn’t turn the volume down fast enough. Needless to say, hearing him wail about (or sing, as some like to call it) was not a good start to my day. I simply do not understand how some people listen to his music for pleasure.

  • Nikki

    Ruess is horrible, horrible, horrible. Voice too high, sound so annoyingly high. I’m listening to him right now on The Today Show, and he sure as hell can’t carry a tune.

  • Nikki

    Meant to say his sound is so bubblegum, not so high. Great if you’re 11, maybe. My son had far better taste even then.

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