Wang Chung-“Dance Hall Days”-1984

Whenever most people hear Wang Chung they immediately think of “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” which, is certainly a great song, but that’s more of a dance hit. Certainly, the song was catchy, and that’s why it was popular. But this post is about Dance Hall Days.

Dance Hall Days is a piece that I would pick if someone asked me to identify an anthem to sum up the new wave genre. However, it is more than just synth and hypnotic lyrics. It really does bring to mind a message of desperation, hope, and sentimentality. I fear that, since this piece was eclipsed by songs like Everybody Have Fun Tonight, this song may have been lost in the shuffle and only die hard Wang Chung fans realized how deep this band can be.

Obviously, their 1986 album “Mosaic” was the breakout album which pushes “Dance Hall Days” even further into obscurity as it was from the 1984 album “Points on the Curve.” While the song did enjoy some success, the overall importance is still cloaked in the morass of long-forgotten time. Some would argue that this song was the last of the disco era. I, however, feel that it was the beginning of the canon of new wave music. That in and of itself makes Dance Hall Days worth a listen.

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