Jay-Z f. Justin Timberlake-“Holy Grail”-2013

I almost was changing my mind about Jay-Z. I almost was beginning to think he was ok. Almost.

And then, it happened.

In the above captioned piece, sung by two guys who don’t deserve to shampoo Kurt Cobain’s beard, they invoked the lyrics of one of the most iconic songs ever recorded. I am of course referring to “It Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Yes, this iconic Nirvana song that was the anthem of an entire genre and generation had its purity and virtue sullied by the filthy, disgusting lyrical tentacles of Jay-Z, a person who, in my opinion, stole a little from Nas, then stole a little from Notorious B.I.G., and then smooshed the pilfered material together and passed it off as a career only to use that new, bastardized, Frankenstein monster of a style as some sort of poor excuse for music.

Is nothing sacred anymore? It wasn’t bad enough that Pitbull and Christina Aguilera stole the melody from a-ha’s “Take On Me”, now Jay-Z, a person who probably used to pick up Nas’s dry cleaning and was likely told by Biggie to “shut up”if he tried to chime in when Biggie and P-Diddy were talking decided he was going to reinvent the wheel by using a sample from a Nirvana song.

Hell, why doesn’t he just use some Aerosmith? Or The Beatles? Or Sinatra? Why stop there? Why doesn’t Jay-Z just fly to The Sistine Chapel and paint Beyonce’s face on all of the cherubs on the ceiling? Obviously, he wouldn’t respect Michelangelo’s work anyway as evidenced by his cavalier attitude toward Kurt Cobain. Am I comparing Kurt Cobain and Michelangelo? Well, in terms of being artistic innovators, I guess I am.

Moreover, I defy anyone to prove me wrong.

The only difference is, in 30 years, people will still be talking about Kurt Cobain but Jay-Z will be a distant echo of a long-forgotten musical past.

Kurt Cobain-Legend
Jay-Z-Flavor of the Month

Oh, and go Nets.


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