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Know What I Like Best About Robin Thicke? Paula Patton

I personally never cared for Robin Thicke. While I love his wife, Paula Patton, I’ll never understand what she sees in that no-talent blockhead.

Forget for a moment that his music is uninspired and devoid of soul, the worst part of this is that he compared himself to John Lennon, Marvin Gaye, and Bob Marley. Bob Marley I get because I think he’s overrated. However, when you compare yourself to Marvin Gaye and John Lennon, you’re setting yourself up for failure. I’m reminded of the old saying: “When an inch compares itself to a foot, it always comes up short.” Then again, in my opinion, that keychain Robin Thicke is more of a millimeter.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that the guy is not only of marginal ability but also a vile misogynyst?  But don’t take my word for it.  Here’s a quote from that Thicke idiot:

“What a pleasure it is to degrade a woman. I’ve never gotten to do that before. I’ve always respected women”

See? condemned out of his own vile mouth.  Here’s the full article should you decide to read it further.


Nate Ruess-I Hate the Way Your Voice Sounds

What do you get when you mix a singer with some of the best raw, natural, God-given, talent since Mariah Carey (someone like Pink) and smoosh her together in the same song as a guy whose singing voice sounds like a hyena with its testicles being pinched in a c-clamp? (I’m referring to Nate Ruess) You get a song called “Just Give Me a Reason.”

Pink is just so talented. How could she have allowed herself to be on the same piece as someone like Nate Ruess whose talent is questionable and obviously light years behind hers?

Nate Ruess’s band “fun.” Is anything but. Indeed, the high-pitched, whiny, caterwauling is really the antithesis of what I think music should be. Nate Ruess’s voice sounds worse than the time I accidentally stepped on my dog’s tail just as he was leaping for a ball and he yelped a cry that is tattooed on my psyche (I still feel guilty about that-I love dogs and I especially loved THAT dog)

I know that the scenesters out there who think they’re “nerdy” just because they can identify the Superman logo and watch “The Big Bang Theory” will probably defend Fun tooth and nail. Well I got news for you, you little putzes, Weezer did the whole geek/emo/alternative thing already. Your act is not new. On top of that, don’t give me that flippant shit about how you won a Grammy for Best New Artist this year either. Don’t forget: it wasn’t so long ago that Sheena Easton beat out Luther Vandross for the same award. Based on that alone, the credibility of Grammys at large has been damaged beyond repair.

Lana Del Rey-“Summertime Sadness”-2012

When I heard this song I was certainly put in a somber mood given the haunting and emotional lyrics. This is an enjoyable piece albeit not exactly a “feel good” song. (I’ll ignore the fact that the album Lana Del Rey released this song on was called “Born to Die” which is already the title of a Sevendust song.)

I applaud the originality of this song. I have never heard a song that mixed “sadness” with “summertime”. Certainly, those to motifs are quite popular in music, but, to reiterate, I’ve never heard them mixed. Summertime Sadness is certainly a welcome antidote to the poison that Katy Perry inflicted upon us with that awful “California Girls” song.

Militia, We Hardly Knew Ye

In 1997 I heard Militia for the first time with their release of the song “Burn.” Surprisingly, given the limited resources in the 90s, that was about all I heard from them given the coast wars going on, Wu-Tang Forever’s release, the death of grunge, the SKA emergence. I had a lot on my musical plate.

Fast forward to about a month ago when I thought of the song once again and then I decided to search for it on iTunes. It was not there. A month later, I was delighted to see that it had been added. However, there is not much out there about Militia even still. I’ve been haviyng difficulty finding much about them and there is no Wikipedia entry that I have found. Further, they have an outdated bio on reverbnation but aside from that, Militia has almost faded into obscurity.

It really is a shame because they were really a great group. I was absolutely delighted to find the piece of theirs that I loved so much on iTunes. I only wish that Militia could enjoy a resurgence.

Given the downward spiral of music today, I won’t hold my breath.

A Break From the Music-Really?

Really? Tori Campbell couldn’t see what everyone else saw?

KTVU and the NTSB have issued apologies for the racist  Asiana pilot names blunder but how the hell does a professional news organization allow this to happen?

Moreover, KTVU is one of the local news stations in the area in which I live.  Now a negative spotlight has been shined on the bay area over this mess.

Wang Chung-“Dance Hall Days”-1984

Whenever most people hear Wang Chung they immediately think of “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” which, is certainly a great song, but that’s more of a dance hit. Certainly, the song was catchy, and that’s why it was popular. But this post is about Dance Hall Days.

Dance Hall Days is a piece that I would pick if someone asked me to identify an anthem to sum up the new wave genre. However, it is more than just synth and hypnotic lyrics. It really does bring to mind a message of desperation, hope, and sentimentality. I fear that, since this piece was eclipsed by songs like Everybody Have Fun Tonight, this song may have been lost in the shuffle and only die hard Wang Chung fans realized how deep this band can be.

Obviously, their 1986 album “Mosaic” was the breakout album which pushes “Dance Hall Days” even further into obscurity as it was from the 1984 album “Points on the Curve.” While the song did enjoy some success, the overall importance is still cloaked in the morass of long-forgotten time. Some would argue that this song was the last of the disco era. I, however, feel that it was the beginning of the canon of new wave music. That in and of itself makes Dance Hall Days worth a listen.

Jay-Z f. Justin Timberlake-“Holy Grail”-2013

I almost was changing my mind about Jay-Z. I almost was beginning to think he was ok. Almost.

And then, it happened.

In the above captioned piece, sung by two guys who don’t deserve to shampoo Kurt Cobain’s beard, they invoked the lyrics of one of the most iconic songs ever recorded. I am of course referring to “It Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Yes, this iconic Nirvana song that was the anthem of an entire genre and generation had its purity and virtue sullied by the filthy, disgusting lyrical tentacles of Jay-Z, a person who, in my opinion, stole a little from Nas, then stole a little from Notorious B.I.G., and then smooshed the pilfered material together and passed it off as a career only to use that new, bastardized, Frankenstein monster of a style as some sort of poor excuse for music.

Is nothing sacred anymore? It wasn’t bad enough that Pitbull and Christina Aguilera stole the melody from a-ha’s “Take On Me”, now Jay-Z, a person who probably used to pick up Nas’s dry cleaning and was likely told by Biggie to “shut up”if he tried to chime in when Biggie and P-Diddy were talking decided he was going to reinvent the wheel by using a sample from a Nirvana song.

Hell, why doesn’t he just use some Aerosmith? Or The Beatles? Or Sinatra? Why stop there? Why doesn’t Jay-Z just fly to The Sistine Chapel and paint Beyonce’s face on all of the cherubs on the ceiling? Obviously, he wouldn’t respect Michelangelo’s work anyway as evidenced by his cavalier attitude toward Kurt Cobain. Am I comparing Kurt Cobain and Michelangelo? Well, in terms of being artistic innovators, I guess I am.

Moreover, I defy anyone to prove me wrong.

The only difference is, in 30 years, people will still be talking about Kurt Cobain but Jay-Z will be a distant echo of a long-forgotten musical past.

Kurt Cobain-Legend
Jay-Z-Flavor of the Month

Oh, and go Nets.