Wu-Tang Clan-“Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuttin’ ta F*** Wit”-1993

“There’s no place ta hide/once I step inside
Tha Room;
Dr. Doom;
Prepare for the BOOM.”

That’s how this song starts out and the listener remains gripped for the remaining three and a half minutes thereafter. The Wu-Tang Clan showcases their pure, lyrical talents in this song. If you have never listened to any Wu-Tang before, I would recommend starting with this one before going through some of their grittier offerings like “Shame on a Ni**a” (which is on the album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) along with the above captioned piece) “Duck Seazon”, or “Protect Ya Neck”.

While the song (and really the whole album) is not well-produced by any definition, I think the imperfections really add to the authenticity of the piece. The snap clap beat in the beginning of the song really promote a mental image of 9 guys standing around a trash can fire in a parking lot on a frigid New York winter afternoon rhyming, honing their craft, and expressing themselves.

While I think a remastered version of this album would be a tremendous gift to the fans, even if that ever materialized, I would always listen fondly to the original version because I think it really is a conduit for fans to experience what Wu-Tang Clan’s music is all about.

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