DJ Khaled f. Kanye West & T-Pain-“Go Hard”-2007

I used to think Kanye West was a huge douche. I used to think he was the typical punk studio gangster very much like the Eminem parody that was shown in the movie “Phone Booth.” However, after I listened to his work in the above captioned piece, I realized how wrong I was about Kanye West.

For someone to spit from the heart like he did in this piece cannot be faked. He really showed that he is not the manufacturer of pop garbage. Indeed, he showed that he is really a smart businessman. Certainly the pop garbage is what sells and that’s probably why he does that with horrible crap like “Extra Terrestrial” and “Heartless.” People like me who like a more aggressive sound with an edge are in the minority. Therefore, I’m not surprised that “Go Hard” was not mass produced.

Given that, I’m glad that I stumbled across “Go Hard” since it allowed me to experience Kanye West and see a new side of him. I’m looking forward to the prospect of another offering like this from him.


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