Matchbox 20- “Real World” – 1998

My life has been a flurry of activity as evidenced by my recent disappearance from the blogosphere. In light of this, I feel that this song is apropos given the circumstances.

I have been a Matchbox 20 fan since I first heard “3am” in 1997. With such a great catalog, I feel it is a bit of a crime to pick a favorite but, “Real World” would definitely be on my short list of favorite Matchbox 20 songs.

What I like best about the song is that Rob Thomas shows the range of his voice. No autotune here, folks. It’s all Rob, which is his trademark. If you have read this blog with any regularity, you know that I whinge off about my displeasure of autotune and its use.

If you like ’90s rock music, I’m sure that downloading “Real World” won’t ruin your weekend. And if it does ruin your weekend, get over it. It’s just an MP3 for crying out loud!

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