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So 90s, so Soundgarden. I posted this almost two years ago but thought it might be worth a bump.

On Music with Bishop and Warlord

You have to love the wah pedal influenced guitar intro at the beginning of this one. This is a classic Soundgarden offering and it was one of those songs at the tail end of the grunge era before those obnoxious turds known as “The Rembrandts” introduced that pop rock uptempo garbage that officially pushed the grunge scene out of a proverbial 4th floor window for good.

Kim Thayil’s bass riffs in this one really add depth to the song and are juxtaposed nicely by Chris Cornell’s high, raspy, tones (as usual.)

Hearing this song is bittersweet because it makes me think of how great Soundgarden was and then, ultimately of their break-up and eventual underwhelming reunion

soundgarden pic

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