Blackstreet f. Dr. Dre-“No Diggity”-1996

I can remember walking to 7th grade with my Discman listening to this over and over again. The opening verse by Dr. Dre wherein he shows that he can rap clean without making his lyrics portray a bloodbath (not that I mind his violent lyrics especially in Natural Born Killaz) is what draws you in and the deep, melodious tones of the rest of the vocalists keeps you and envelops you in the caramel-smoothness.

For me, however, the real gem in this song is Queen Pen’s verse. I am a sucker for female rappers (recall my Nicki Minaj post) but she just seems to be the real superstar in this song. Certainly, her importance can be underscored in light of the talent with which she is surrounded in this piece.

This song is one of the few songs that I still like as much today as I did when it first came out.


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