Greatest Musical Acts You’ve Never Heard of (and if you have, my regards)

Much ado has been made of my posts about the band Tommy Merry and Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears. Certainly, they belong on the following list as well. However, inasmuch as I dedicated entire posts to them, I see no need to be redundant. Here are other artists that are better than anything you’ll hear on the radio and, yet, probably will not be on the radio.

Royce da 5 9-Not to brag (well ok to brag) I have been listening to Royce for almost 11 years. Royce provided the second verse in the Eminem song “Lighters” featuring Bruno Mars. In 2004, Royce released and album called M.I.C. (Make it Count) which I regard as one of the best albums I have ever heard. His albums Death is Certain and Rock City are also some of the best music I have ever heard.

Head On-Their song “Nice to Meet You” was featured in the 2002 Playstation 2 game “ATV Offroad Fury 2.” From what I have gathered, Head On was a studio band formed by Sony to create hard rock music for video game soundtracks. They were a really good band, though. They sounded almost like Nickelback with a slightly harder edge.  Their work is extremely difficult to find.

The Relatives-This is a funk/gospel band with a definite Motown flavor. Bands like this are a dying art form. Watching this band is almost like being treated to a performance of The Temptations. The Relatives are wonderful and, make no mistake, the fact that they aren’t more popular is an indictment of the music scene today.

Imogen Heap-You probably don’t know this woman or any of her work. Now if I tell you that she was the female voice in Jason Derulo’s “Whatcha Say” you’ll have an “a-ha moment”, won’t you? While Jason Derulo is certainly talented, Imogen Heap made the song. It would not be the same song without her voice and would not have been popular had she not been a part of it.

Sevendust-Now they were popular back in the late 90s but for some reason have faded into obscurity. This is one of the preeminent metal bands of their time and they are still doing the damn thing. I recommend their entire catalog. They reinvent themselves without being inconsistent.

The Queers-No they’re not a Gay band or an anti-Gay band. They chose that moniker to piss off their whitebread, straight laced New Hampshire townies. This is easily my favorite punk band and, yes, I’m factoring in The Ramones.

I could go on and on (and probably will) but for now I will release you to your own devices. Be gone.


One response to “Greatest Musical Acts You’ve Never Heard of (and if you have, my regards)

  • Elizabeth

    Imogen Heap is amazing. Granted, I only know a few of her songs, but I really like the way she incorporates instruments and vocals. “Hide and Seek”, whose chorus was used by Jason Derulo in “Whatcha Say”, is a work of musical art.

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