Why I like Pitbull

I know that in the past I have been a little critical of Pitbull, (I said that I could not stand him because the local radio station is overplaying him) but I wanted to make it right and let it be known that I have respect for the man and what he has accomplished. When I mentioned not being able to stand him, it was merely a poetic license on how overplayed he is on the radio here. Pitbull the entertainer and the man, are things I admire.

What I like best about Pitbull is the fact that he’s original. There’s nothing like him out there. A while back, I enjoyed the music of Control Machete which is a hardcore rap group from Mexico, and I liked their music. Pitbull really infuses Latin “flavor” into his music and his use of Spanish and English in his work is masterful and highly enjoyable.

For me, a true testament of how enjoyable Pitbull is comes in the form of my desire to hear his music again after taking a short break from it. I thought I needed a break from Pitbull but I just needed a break from the local radio station. After a week of not listening to him, I saw Pitbull in the Bud Light commercial singing “Don’t Stop the Party” and realized that I missed his sound. From then on, Pitbull’s music, my iPod, and my eardrums have been in a triangular auditory orgy ever since. I don’t plan on stopping the party either, pursuant to Pitbull’s command.


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