Will.I.Am is Garbage

All the proof you should require for the above captioned statement is the fact that he surrounds himself with someone like Fergie and proverbial birds of a feather flock together. I came across an article written by a Ned Hepburn citing 8 reasons why Will.I.Am is so horrible. While I have not been acquainted with Ned Hepburn formally, I must say that I see eye to eye with his work.

I am not going to rehash Mr. Hepburn’s article, if you want to read it (and you should because he makes some very cogent points) please click the hyperlink above. I agree with Mr. Hepburn for only one reason. Will.I.Am is totally contrived, devoid of soul, and has no talent outside of pressing buttons. Has he ever sang a song without electronic assistance? Emphatically not. In fact, I would like to hear him try. In predicting the outcome of the same, the phrase, “epic fail” will no doubt be bandied around.

Will.I.Am is what is wrong with music today. It is his popularity that makes the plebian mass audience think that someone like him is talented when they merely press buttons and know people who can get their music airtime.


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