Tina Turner-A Legend

During a moment of quiet reflection, I meditated (not literally) about some of my favorite female singers. I then realized that I have never used this little forum of ours to profess my love for Tina Turner. How could this have been? Tina if you’re reading this (and if you even care) I am so sorry for taking this long to acknowledge how much you have positively influenced my musical palate. You are truly wonderful.

Now, Reba McEntire has the moniker of “survivor.” Frankly, I find Reba McEntire tedious. Yes, Reba, your husband left you and you’re broke. WE GET IT! She seems to have made a career out of whining over and over and over and over and. . .well, you get the idea.

Tina Turner is the real survivor. I think we’re all aware by now of the adversity she overcame (even performing hundreds of times on the same stage as her abuser) and then has still managed to make a go of it. (Understatement I know, but I could prattle on all day about Tina Turner so I am trying to muzzle myself.) Otherwise stated, Reba is playing a character (at least by comparison), Tina lived it.

That voice, the power she exudes on stage, and those lyrics. She is absolutely one of my favorites and I feel fortunate to have been able to see her perform. I hope her travels bring her out the the Bay Area to perform. Seeing her live is definitely on my “bucket list.”

Many artists claim they are “the best.” However, I defy anyone to listen to Tina Turner’s 1991 compilation “Simply the Best” and not agree that the album is aptly named.


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