God Bless Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars’s new album, “Unorthodox Jukebox” has restored my faith in music-again. You’ll recall, gentle reader, that I wondered a while back if Bruno Mars could save music. Indeed, the work on this latest album is some of the best raw talent that I have heard in years.

Unorthodox Jukebox is much edgier than his previous album. Whereas the previous album seemed to be more of a throwback to motown or even the earlier singers like Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, or Fats Domino, this has a much more contemporary feel to it albeit with much of the classic influence still present. The lyrics are much more aggressive (in a good way) and the sexual imagery is not implied but blatant.

Throughout the album, Bruno Mars showcases his God-given talent. Indeed, he shows talent that I thought was long gone from music. His voice strains to hit every note and he does so without any electronic aid.

I titled the post God Bless Bruno Mars because I feel that he has restored my faith in music and I hope he continues for a very long time. I will enjoy his career every step of the way. Bruno Mars is the type of artist that my future grandkids will ask me: “Did you really see him?” “Do you remember when he was popular?” And I will say, “I sure did.” I will still be proud when I say I witnessed him.


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