Kesha Defends Teen Mom Jenelle

Birds of a feather flock together. By the same proverbial token, cockroaches huddle together and seek the company of other cockroaches. Given the fact that alleged popstar Kesha defended teen mom Jenelle Evans, evidently loathsome creatures do stick together.

Now, in a previous post, I said that I was starting to hate myself because I like Kesha. However, I was referring to her music; not the strung out junkie character she portrays. Jenelle Evans actually asked the courts for a reduced sentence so she could attend a Kesha concert-and then subsequently flouted the court’s generosity by violating her probation yet again. Jenelle Evans is a waste of sperm, carbon, and water in my opinion.

I am not trying to be some kind of moral Joe McCarthy, but I have a feeling that Kesha’s persona as a drugged out skank is an act. Jenelle Evans, on the other hand, has become the genuine article, in my opinion. Given this, it is not a surprise that she has such an affinity for Kesha. Indeed, Kesha must be a mascot for people like Jenelle Evans.


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