So I Guess Talking is Considered Singing Now

Let me start by saying I like Justin Bieber. I look like a fat slob biker dude but I don’t care. I like Justin Bieber. He’s talented and I like his story.

However, this posting is not about Justin Bieber. It is about the detestable sore on the face of music known as Big Sean. He is the one who ruins “As Long as you Love Me” with his monologue.

What I hate most about Big Sean is that he talks. He doesn’t sing and his rhymes are a stretch and he simply just talks! He can’t even pretend to flow. He is just talking.

Furthermore, Big Sean has no talent just like his autotune butt-boy Kanye Worst. For crying out loud, I have heard stroke victims who speak more cogently than Big Sean.

So congratulations, Big Sean. Continue riding the coattails of your cronies. No matter how famous you get you’ll never be regarded as a legend. You can pretend you don’t care, but, when all is said and done, an artist is only as good as his or her legacy. Your presence in the pantheon of music will be nothing more than a wisp of vapor, in my opinion.


2 responses to “So I Guess Talking is Considered Singing Now

  • Elizabeth

    Reminds me of one of our local musicians: Nameless.
    Guy can’t sing at all, but he clearly knows what hustling means because he makes money from fooling us all.

  • LainaLain

    He really did ruin it didn’t he? That was a perfectly good song before he came in saying things like “You’re my hallelujah…”

    I mean…..who tells people things like that?

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