The Script-“Hall of Fame”-2012

Wow my first post in over a month. I’m really behind the 8-ball!

Anyway, this track was recommended to me and I’m glad it was. Ordinarily, this genre would have caused me to overlook this piece had it not been brought to the forefront of my consciousness.

Not sure what’s happening in England/Ireland at the moment but some pretty good stuff is coming out of there lately. First The Wanted and Now The Script.

The Script’s “Hall of Fame” is really as good as it gets. It has that early 90’s U2 feel to it but it also has some contemporary elements such as the hip hop influence that make it a perfect song. Hall of Fame is one of those rare tracks that grips you from beginning to end and tempts you to listen to it again.

Usually, I feel that the new music is a detriment filled with no-talent hacks whom no one will talk about it a few decades (Adele comes to mind.) But when I hear a track like “Hall of Fame,” I feel that if The Script continues to create gems like this, they are solidifying their spots in the hallowed halls of the same name.


One response to “The Script-“Hall of Fame”-2012

  • Elizabeth

    I love this track from the moment I heard it!
    I thought The Script wouldn’t top my favourite track from their last album, “For The First Time”, but I now think this group is kick ass.

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