Glee Stinks and Other Stories

Dear Glee, you’re incredibly boring. I just watched your season premiere by osmosis and I think you’ve officially jumped the shark. I know I’m not exactly Brad Pitt, but Lea Michele needs a nose job YESTERDAY.

I caught The Walk Men on Conan O’Brien’s show. They weren’t my cup of tea but I at least have to tip my cap to the lead singer for actually singing.

The Voice is garbage. I guess Christina what’s-her-face being on it is logical but the douche from Maroon 5 and Cee Lo Green are just absurd.

And speaking of Cee Lo, his Thursday Night Football song is probably the worst attempt at a catchy theme I have ever witnessed. Joey Ramone is probably spinning in his grave. (So are DeeDee and Johnny for that matter. ) How dare they ruin “Blitzkrieg Bop” that way?! Shame on you, NFL Network.


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