Michael Jackson-“Jam”-1992

This song and “Smooth Criminal” are my favorite Michael Jackson songs. “Jam” is really multi-faceted and not one of those songs for which one has to be in the mood. If you’re feeling a little peeved, this is a good one, if you want something upbeat to power you through a few minutes of a workout, this is good one, if you’re driving home from a restaurant with a belly full of manicotti tri colore, this is a good one. I think you get the idea.

This song was performed at all of his shows on the “Dangerous” tour and I can see why. This is probably one of the best songs to open with since Cheap Trick’s “Hello There Ladies and Gentlemen.”

I picked up the DVD of one of the concerts in Eastern Europe on that tour for like three bucks (drugstore impulse buy) and his opening with “Jam” had me get off of my couch and actually start dancing. . .and I HATE dancing. However, I was gyrating like a chick in a go-go cage.

Disturbing image, I know. . .

I also love Heavy D’s rap during the bridge. It’s the perfect transition and, actually, I think a somewhat forgotten example of the late, GREAT, Heavy D’s fine work.

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