A Break from the Music: Good Riddance

Masterchef spoilers. If you’ve DVRed it, and haven’t seen the latest episode, consider yourself warned.

Goodbye, Monti. You’re annoying and, if all of the people who have viewed my post proclaiming that same assertion after doing a Google search with the terms being some variation of “monti master chef annoying,” I am not the only one who thinks so. In my opinion, you’re not cute, talented, or appealing in any way. No longer will I have to endure your stupid, contrived, perfunctory, vernacular. Go home and put on a Ramones t-shirt even though you probably have never heard ONE of their songs and continue to be the poseur you are. If you ever want to make me some Top Ramen, I’d be willing to try it, provided you read a recipe for it first.

Bring back Felix!!!


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