Taylor Swift-“We Are Never Getting Back Together”-2012

A better title for this song would have been “hyperventilation with a drum machine in the background and possibly a cat with it’s tail caught in a fan”

I used to hate Kanye West for interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech a while back. Whilst listening to the above captioned song, I would have welcomed his interruption. The rhythmic wailing and repetition of words in my opinion were indicative of Taylor Swift’s limited vocabulary and even more scant musical ability. As I listened, I was torn between being nauseated and pitying her. I chose the former.

Inasmuch as it was difficult to consume, this piece was quite a bit like the movie “Schindler’s List” because consuming it once was enough. Granted, “Schindler’s List” was a story that must be told and I am glad that it exists. It was epic cinema albeit, not exactly a “feel-good” story, to say the least. Watching that amount of human suffering was simultaneously and paradoxically an emotional drain and something I had to witness so I could play my part in never letting something awful like that happen again. I could not endure watching it again and now that I have received the film’s message, there is no need to put myself through that again. That is obviously where the parallels between that film and the above captioned song end.

Taylor Swift’s song, on the other hand, is so horrid that I could not BEAR having my unsuspecting eardrums so ruthlessly assaulted again. At one point during the song, it sounded like she was trying the worst and most pathetic attempt at scat and bebop that I have ever heard! For crying out loud, she wasn’t even using words for what seemed like half of the song!! Given this, the only human suffering that occurred during the above captioned piece was my own.

If there is a modicum of respect to be extracted, it is that Taylor Swift at least tried to make this about self-expression. The break-up song is a classic musical motif. However, if we compare it to one of the best break-up songs of all-time, “If You Leave” by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, this song falls woefully short. It’s analogous to ordering a filet mignon cooked rare and then having it arrive at your table medium well. It’s still the same thing, but it’s no where near where it should be.

Indeed, Taylor, it is you and I who are “never getting back together” because this weak offering has alienated me from your fan base beyond all repair.


One response to “Taylor Swift-“We Are Never Getting Back Together”-2012

  • Elizabeth

    I couldn’t get past a minute and a half of listening to this song.
    It’s such a bad combination of rock, pop and country, and it sounds like Taylor Swift is trying too hard to “branch” into a different genre.

    The lyrics are rather basic, and I imagine them better suited in a written note left in the ex-boyfriend’s mailbox rather than having them turned into a (horrible) song.

    Woe unto the guys she’ll date, or is currently dating, lest she take out her breakup demons with them so publicly.

    She should stick to those ‘sweetheart’ rhythms she’s “good at”. Should she want to prove that she can do better than what she’s been doing, she’s going about it the wrong: there’s no maturity whatsoever in this song, and she still sounds like a wounded and bitter ex-girlfriend. Pretty soon, we may have another Adele on our hands with two albums solely dedicated to obsessive, stalkerish and depressing songs.

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