God Help Us All-A Teen Mom is Singing

Yes. As if it wasn’t bad enough that shows like MTV’s “Teen Mom” exist, now, someone whose only claim to fame is having a child at a young age is now making the mistake of thinking she can sing.

Now, before I go any further, this is NOT a commentary on teen pregnancy. Things happen. People are human. Hormones are hormones. And, biologically speaking, it’s actually better to have children young. Again, I am NOT getting on a moral soapbox about teen pregnancy.

What I am on a soapbox about is the fact that the person in question, Farrah Abraham, from the show Teen Mom, apparently thinks that she has some sort of singing talent by virtue of being part of that show given her release of a recording of several sounds clustered together which almost sounded like music. That is a sickening indictment of reality TV stars today. Just because they are on reality TV does not mean they can sing and to suggest otherwise is tantamount to a slap in the face to people who work their asses off to hone their talents.

Now, the Farrah Abraham song situation solved itself as it was so comically bad that she has become something of a laughingstock for the moment. Indeed, listening to her sing was more disgusting to me that a gaggle of writhing maggots and as pitiful as a skinny dog in the rain.

So Farrah, you’re lucky to be on TV and lucky that anyone pays attention to you at all. Don’t press your luck by falling prey to the misconception that you have some other kind of talent to offer.

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