Favorite TV Theme Songs

Here is a list of my favorite TV theme songs with a little bit of pithy commentary you’ve come to love and expect from me. If nothing else, maybe this will help you waste a little bit of time at work. Enjoy:

“The Office” (U.S. Version) This might be my favorite TV theme song ever. The splashy piano intro mixed with the hard-rock elements with just a hint of Celtic influence almost makes it sound like something from The Dropkick Murphys. Too bad the song has been truncated in more recent episodes.

“Coach”-One of the few shows whose theme song never changed throughout the entirety of the show. I’m guessing because it was a perfect fit for the show.

“The Sopranos”-I actually think that the “Sopranos” theme worked well along with the montage of Tony Soprano’s character driving around. Alone, the song itself is o.k., but certainly not one of my favorites.

“Perfect Strangers”-Classic Miller/Boyett late ’80s fare. I can still remember it years later. “Nothing’s gonna stop me nooooowwwwww.”

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”-Shut up. Don’t judge me! No one in their late twenties and early thirties can deny that they still know this song and love it.

“Iron Man/Fantastic Four” from the “Marvel Action Hour”-The songs from these shows STILL get stuck in my head to this day and I watched those almost 20 years ago.

“Living Single”-I loved the rhythmic chanting of the back-up vocalists along with Queen Latifah’s gift for wordplay to follow. The horn at the end brining it all home is the perfect cherry on the proverbial sundae.

“Spin City” (Spin Doctors version) Spin City had an opening theme with a cg effect of a manhole cover spinning and some sound which was not really a theme song, per se. During season three, however, The Spin Doctors started doing the show’s theme music in their usual funk/rock/contemporary hybrid style.

“Dennis Miller Live” Using Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” juxtaposed with images of world leaders on dominoes with Dennis Miller knocking them over was pure genius.

“George Lopez”-The same thing I said about Dennis Miller Live’s opening song choice can be said about this show. Using “Low Rider” by War with the cast jumping on a trampoline is absolute genius. “The Office” is my favorite theme song, but this might be my favorite opening theme, period.

“Family Matters”-Who can’t recall “As Daaaaayss gooooooo bbbyyyyyyyyaaaayyyaaay” ? Sometimes, when this show is on in syndication, I just watch the opening before I flip the channel (unless it’s one of the older episodes; then I’ll sit and watch.)

“Canterbury’s Law”-VERY short lived and underrated show, this had a wonderful opening theme song, though. Kind of a smoky, dark jazz number. I also don’t need any extra incentive to stare at Julianna Margulies but watching her strut to it was just a bonus.

One response to “Favorite TV Theme Songs

  • Elizabeth

    I love the theme songs for “Judging Amy” and “The New Adventures of Black Stallion” (Mickey Rooney).

    I found the J.A. theme song to be quite…powerful and complimentary to the story itself, and as a kid, The Black Stallion song just made me want to get a horse of my own! Too bad horses freak me out….and of course, my Dad would have deemed me crazy for suggesting it.

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