Commentary: Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Overall, I found the music selections for the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics satisfactory. I’m sure it will make Danny Boyle’s day to find out some fat, smug, American prig with a blog enjoyed his work. Nevertheless, I found the music selections tasteful and enjoyable. I also thought that the use of live music was absolutely a delight and Paul McCartney bringing the whole thing home was the perfect capstone.

I was baffled as to Elton John’s absence, however. I kept waiting to hear his throaty baritone voice present itself to the waiting ears of the viewing billion but, alas, Sir Elton was absent. Indeed, I really missed Elton John and felt that he could have made one of his trademark splashy entrances and made an already good show even better.

I was also surprised that The Wanted did not make an appearance. Now you can save your tersely-worded, badly misspelled e-mails because I know that some of the members of that group are from Ireland. However, they’re the flavor of the month right now and I think that they would have at least deserved to be part of the festivities even if its only by virtue of being popular at the same time as the London Games.

Oh, and no Oasis was a BIG PLUS.


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