A Break from the Music: Monti on Masterchef is Horrible

For those of you reading this in the U.S., and are following the show “Masterchef” you are probably familiar with the bespectacled, irritating, wannabe Rockabilly/Goth type chick named Monti. She is the most annoying person on that show by a country mile. In fact, she is so putrid, that if I get an inkling that Gordon, Joe, and Graham are about to rip her dish to shreds, I sit in silent anticipation with my finger poised over the back button so I can use my DVR to rewind it and view her humiliation again and again.

If you would like further evidence of just how annoying Monti is on Masterchef, the coup de grace for me was when she revealed that her son (about whom she never shuts up) is named Danger. Yes. . .that’s right. . .this selfish, grandstanding asshole named her son “Danger” thereby undercutting any chance he’ll have to be taken seriously in his life because he is saddled with a manifestation of his mother’s arrested adolescence in the form of his ridiculous name. Then again, Monti on Masterchef is a 30 something who looks 40 something and uses “dude” and “awesome” way too much as a smokescreen for the fact that she is clinging to her last bastion of youth which is dwindling with each passing day, making how pathetic she is more and more significant.

*ahem* Thank you.

3 responses to “A Break from the Music: Monti on Masterchef is Horrible

  • gridlockmanifesto

    Although I am not as passionate about disliking Monti as I felt about Ryan, your blog made me laugh because it is so intelligent and well written to express the loathing you have. I’m not a very negative guy, but reading your hate is the best thing I have read in perhaps my whole life. I am going to bookmark this and savor it again, I promise you. I remember when I was first exposed to SYTYCD by my Dish co-worker who recommended it last year. The difference this year is that I can watch commercial free with Auto Hop on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings. That is a huge time savings that I use to watch another show that night with my family. We really enjoy TV, and now we get to enjoy it even more, with more shows.

  • Fatin

    Can I say I love you for writing this? Its like you took all the words straight from my mind!

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