Tre Little Needs to be on iTunes

If you’re at all familiar with the now defunct Game Recordings, Tre Little is common knowledge for you. In case you’re wondering, Royce da 5 9 who can be heard most recently with Eminem and Bruno Mars in “Lighters” is a Game Recordings alumni. (I have been a fan of Royce for about 10 years and he has been churning out great music for all 10 of the years in which I have been listening to him but that’s another story for another day.)

There was a release called “Game Tight: The Very Best of Game Recordings” that featured a song by Tre Little called Rowdy N****Z (fill in the blank yourself) that I cannot find anymore. I own the album but that is not the point. It is the principle of wanting to download Tre Little’s song from iTunes because someone who is as talented as Tre Little needs to be on iTunes.

I have heard very few people who can spin as rollicking good of a yarn
as Tre. Wait, let me translate that into hip-hop lingo. I am bilingual in it. Ok, here we go: can’t no one put it down like Tre. That is said with all respect as I am a fan, supporter, and avid follower of hip-hop and have been since the days of West Coast vs. East Coast, Tupac vs Biggie, etc.
No disrespect intended. Lighten up, people

Irrespective of that, I would hate to think that Tre Little’s stuff is not on iTunes because Game Recordings disappeared into the night with the master recording rights and now he has no control over his work. If that is the case, Shecky Green, give the man control over his work. Take a break from hocking those Hip Hop Honeys DVDs. No one cares about those anyway. We have the Internet, remember? If that’s not the case then, I hope whoever has control of the recordings puts them on iTunes very soon. Future generations need Game Recordings stuff on their iPods.


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