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Dave Matthews Band-So Much to Hate, So Little Time

I really tried with the Dave Matthews Band. I really did. For all intents and purposes, they seem like a really solid, adult-contemporary group right? Wrong.

The Dave Matthews Band is probably one of the most overrated, time slot hits that appeals to a bonehead mass-audience of 40 somethings desperately trying to cling to their youth by listening to a band that sounds like Pearl Jam but without the edge, artistic integrity, or talent. Indeed, the pathetic fan-base of this band is really why they have enjoyed so much undeserved success.

I have come to the conclusion that there is absolutely nothing redeeming or enjoyable about this group.

Wait! They have brass/wind section!! Sorry, about a hundred other Ska bands beat you to the punch.

But wait!! They have a lead singer who looks depressed and brooding! Not really, that’s a character he chooses to portray to further pilfer from their grunge predecessors. Cobain, Vedder, and Corgan ARE emotional trainwrecks. Dave Matthews is a pretender.

But, but, but,-no more arguing. Screw Dave Matthews and their fans.

I would like to petition the American Psychological Association to add being a fan of The Dave Matthews Band to the DSM-IV because it should be considered a mental illness.