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Rumor Has It That Adele is Still Crap

I haven’t posted in about a month and my apologies to the reading several who read this blog with any regularity. I recently started grad school and, wait, I don’t owe you an explanation!

If you haven’t heard the latest heavy breathing released by the gelatinous mass of motile lipids otherwise known as Adele, it is entitled “Rumour Has It” or some such nonsense and it proves everything I have ever said about Adele on this blog. Indeed, the way she is trying to sound soulful is absolute garbage and the hymn-like way she is humming is an insult to every great R&B, Soul, and Gospel singer who has ever crooned.

Adele, you are a pasty, white, British hag. You are not Ella Fitzgerald. You are not Billie Holiday. Adele, you do not deserve to clean Aretha Franklin’s toilet. You are and always will be a timeslot hit. A joke. A fake. A fugazi. A fraud.

Oh and congrats on your Billboard Awards. The Beatles must be really jealous.