Wilson Phillips Episode 3 Reaction

I’d say I’m about ass deep in Wilson PhillipsL Still Holding On by now and the phrase “familiarity breeds contempt” is starting to come to mind. Not only can is this an accurate summation of the relationship among the band, but gory details about the band that are coming to my attention as well. For me, seeing all of the in-fighting and chaotic, disorganized and, scattered meanderings of this once proud group have really taken the shine off of the proverbial apple for me.

Chynna Phillips is REALLY starting to irritate me. She actually picked her nose, on camera, as part of a “nasal treatment” in episode 3. Further, the bathroom humor with Carnie is starting to get old. At least based on the footage that we are seeing in the show, it seems like Carnie and her husband are treating the band like a part-time project and acting like kids in a high school garage band.

To say that this reality TV iteration is testing my fan loyalty of Wilson Phillips would be an understatement. I’m hoping it’s one of those six week jobs because I don’t know if I can stay on board for a full season. Here’s hoping it gets better because it sure as hell can’t get much worse.


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