EXTRA! EXTRA! Black Eyed Peas Promote Children Smoking

As if I didn’t hate The Black Eyed Peas enough, I was infuriated when I heard that they were in bed with the satan-incarnate tobacco giant, Philip Morris, and actually performed at concerts sponsored by Philip Morris (presumably paid by the company with money which it can be assumed was earned on the backs of nicotine addicts) wherein cigarettes were marketed to children in Indonesia.

Christof Putzel of Vanguard appeared on today’s episode of The Young Turks and reported that The Black Eyed Peas were part of a concert in Indonesia that took advantage of that country’s lack of regulation with respect to marketing tobacco to children.  To paraphrase Mr. Putzel’s comments, apparently the concert was directed at young people (which is the M.O. of the tobacco industry to hook people when they’re young so they’re hooked for life) and there were tobacco ads all over the concert and between acts. The idea of The Black Eyed Peas being famous is sickening enough but in the fact which shows a misuse of what is, in my opinon, ill-gotten and underserved fame is reprehensible and deplorable.

Next time you hear a Black Eyed Peas song, keep the image of “the smoking two year old” viral video from a few years back in your head because that is what The Black Eyed Peas are promoting based on their complicity and cooperation with Philip Morris.  Behind their unoriginal dance moves, ridiculous lyrics, and manufactured electronic garbage, The Black Eyed Peas are a bunch of soulless demons who were a cog in the amoral corporate machine and, based on the evidence I have just cited, a reasonable assertion can be made that the actions of The Black Eyed Peas were tantamount to their culpability in marketing cigarettes to children, in my opinion.  Now Fergie has another reason besides her overt ugliness not to be able to look at herself in the mirror.

Oh and shame on Flo-Rida and Slash who were also part of that concert.  However, The Black Eyed Peas deserve the proverbial lion’s share of the blame, in my opinion, because they are arguably the biggest name that was involved based on Mr. Putzel’s comments. Flo-Rida is somewhat of a sideshow and Slash is probably just happy to be playing anywhere still so, based on my estimation, the tacit approval of those two acts supporting youth smoking is nowhere near as detrimental as that of The Black Eyed Peas.

In the above photo, notice the Camel Cigarette logo at the bottom? Yeah. It’s right there. And this poster is from a Venezuelan concert. Looks like The Black Eyed Peas are promoting smoking there too.
I think this says it all

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