Thoughts on Episode 2 of Wilson Phillips: Still Holding On

Spoiler alert blah blah blah.

I don’t think the intention of the show was to make people hate Chynna Phillips and Wendy Wilson but Sunday’s episode (4/15) sure gave me a shove in that direction. Watching Chynna Phillips badger, bullyrag, and berate Carnie into doing her holistic medical crap was highly irritating. At one point, I think I even saw Chynna Phillips with one of her fingers up Carnie Wilson’s nose telling her to breathe and, if she can’t breathe out of her nose it means that “she feels she doesn’t deserve life.” As an allergy sufferer, I was insulted. Further, the hokum-pokum she was doing on Carnie, who was still recovering from weight loss surgery, was nauseating.

Wendy, on the other hand, proved that she was too dumb to order birthday balloons for her mother and bothered her ailing sister about the difference between balloons that said “Happy Birthday, Mom” or, simply “Happy Birthday.” Again, my respect for another member of the group took a hit.

Also, at no other point does anyone seem concerned about Carnie’s recovery. Both Chynna and Wendy seem like they want Carnie well enough to tour and, if she shows the slightest bit of trepidation or feeling that she is being forced to accelerate her recovery, the other two dismiss her feelings as her being “dramatic” or “lazy.” I know they’re doing a reality show and need wrinkles of drama in the story, I get that. But, if this is truly a sample of how they are when the cameras are off, no wonder the band faded into obscurity for decades.

Regardless of the annoyances and gripes I have with the show, I will still remain a viewer because I want to see more about their upcoming tour and, I think that people turned their backs on this wonderful group early. I just hope one of the producers blows in the respective ears of Chynna and Wendy because how they appeared in the most recent show was shameful and Kardashian-esque.


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